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combining the successful features in implantology

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Dyna Helix® Implant System, combines all the successful features in implantology.

Dyna Kits are designed for simple and universal use.

Dyna prosthetic systems are compatible with all implant types and diameters thanks to all-fit-all abutments feature.

CAD/CAM products designed and milled with high quality materials by Dyna or you.

SINCE 1984

Combining the successfull features in implantology!

Dyna Helix® Implant Systems, preferred in more than 50 countries around the world, has been established in the Netherlands with its patented implant-supported prosthesis systems has developed since 1984. Combining the technology developed day by day with simplicity and aesthetic understanding, it proudly introduced high quality implant products that can be used by dentists to the market in 1986.

Combining the advantages of being an engineering company with the demands of the dental industry, it produces implants and superstructure parts without sacrificing quality. It proudly offers the highest level of comfort that the patient can obtain thanks to the standards it has provided, and has adopted the principle of keeping dentist and patient satisfaction at the highest level under all conditions with the slogan “Your Comfort Is Our Goal”.


Your Comfort Is Our Goal!

Dyna Helix® Implant Systems, which has been safely preferred in many parts of the world for 40 years, has steered the sector with its innovative prosthetic systems and patented options since its establishment. It has presented its advanced R&D studies to various research institutes and universities in various countries of the world. Thus, by supporting its innovations and current product range with scientific publications, it has demonstrated both its functionality and quality with scientific studies.

The reliability and success of both Dyna Helix® Implant Systems and Dyna prosthetic systems have been proven in all published scientific articles. These scientific articles were not limited to Europe, but were carried out together with researchers from many institutes of the world.



It is extremely important to pay attention to oral hygiene before and after implants are placed. For a healthy oral hygiene and teeth, it is recommended to brush the teeth and gums with a proper toothbrush at least twice a day. In addition, going to routine dental clinic appointments after any dental treatment has a great role in maintaining oral hygiene.

The unique formula of Implaclean® implant toothpaste helps accelerate wound healing, prevents inflammation and destroys bacteria in the mouth. It provides oral hygiene thanks to the active oxygen in its content, bone development thanks to lactoferrin, and non-corrosion with its neutral pH and low fluoride structure. An implant can be damaged by high fluoride, abrasive ingredients and poor oral hygiene, and regular toothpastes often contain these ingredients. The Implacean® formula takes this into account to ensure that the implant remains in optimum condition.

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On 17 – 18 December 2022, a very comprehensive “advanced implantology on cadaver” education was given by Dyna Türkiye. In the cadaver education program carried out by the instructors Uğur Meriç, Onur Şahin, Ülkem Cural and Eda Kaya Akca, the participants experienced half of the day theoretically and the other half with cadaver practice for two days.

In 2017, between 16-19 November, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Sina Uçkan and Prof. Dr. Selçuk Basa, our implantology education took place in Beirut/Lebanon. In this education, which was held with the participation of many dentists from Medipol University, various implantology cases were discussed as well as Dyna Helix® implant systems. In addition, many surgeons and prosthodontists took part in the course.

Special Membership System for Special Advantages

The purpose of this loyalty program, which is specially designed for dentists, is to serve dentists to adopt high quality and perfect service understanding as a principle in their practices and to benefit from the privileged rights of the membership program.

DYNA V.I.T. Club membership program, you can have the opportunity to move more comfortably in the dental competitive environment by taking advantage of the privileged rights of the membership program without compromising the quality of treatment you always provide as a dentist.